What Makes Marketing Really Work?

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The word “marketing” is pretty loaded these days, and the word can mean as many different things to readers and business leaders as there are types of business leaders. But when you boil marketing down to its core concepts, it’s really pretty simple. Here are our key three concepts that make your marketing efforts really work.

  1. Clearly defining your goals for your marketing efforts. The cardinal sin of most marketing efforts is when marketers launch their newest campaign into the world without knowing what they want it to do. Marketers run themselves ragged (and we know, because we’ve done it too!) creating campaigns, advertisements, blogs, social media content, and anything else they think might resonate with their customers. The problem with this approach is that no one knows what all this content is supposed to do. Is it supposed to generate more leads? Sell more products? Make your customers feel more connected to your brand? If you don’t know what you want your marketing efforts to accomplish, you’ll be at a loss to figure out whether or not they actually are working.
  2. Understanding your audience. The art and science of marketing is all about figuring out what your customers need, what they want, and how your products or services will meet those wants and needs. Then you layer on the added challenge of telling your customers how you’ll meet those wants and needs through the messaging and channels that connect best with them. Simple, right? (It’s not – but that’s another story for another blog. Or you could just contact us and we’ll help!)
  3. Know what a “win” looks like. When all your marketing efforts combine, you should be accomplishing all the goals you identified at the outset. But you’ll only know that if you’ve accomplished the things you wanted to with your marketing if you’ve got an evaluation plan built. Track clicks, likes, calls, emails, opens — whatever you wanted your marketing to accomplish, and see whether or not it’s really done it. Then adapt your efforts and try again.

That’s it – marketing in all its glorious, messy simplicity. And if yours isn’t where you want it to be, just talk to us!