Why Your Brand Doesn’t Really Matter

IvyS Marketing

That’s probably a strange headline to read from a marketing agency blog, right? But it’s true. You can spend thousands of hours and millions of dollars on your brand, but in the end it may not matter.

Here’s why — if your customers’ experiences with your brand don’t line up with what that brand has promised, all that investment has been wasted.

Think about the brand featured in the photo above. The reason the Starbucks brand is so powerful, aside from the fact that it’s on thousands of street corners around the world, is because the Starbucks leaders have developed a consistent brand experience. Walk into any Starbucks around the world, and you know what to expect in terms of the atmosphere, the product offerings, the service, and the pricing. The four key components of marketing — product, price, promotion, and place/positioning — are remarkably consistent across every Starbucks location. They successfully adapt their offerings for their local markets, but by and large Starbucks looks like Starbucks around the globe. Our team has been to locations across the country, across Europe, and across South America and while the languages we’ve ordered in have changed, the overall experience has not. The brand delivers on its promises.

Think about your brand. What do you think it represents? What do you want it to represent? Do those two answers line up?

What would your customers say if you asked them what your brand represents? Have you asked them? You need to. You need to understand how they perceive your brand and what their experiences are with your brand and with your competitors’ brands. You need to know how they’re interacting with you, and whether those interactions are good, bad, or indifferent.

If not, all the money and time you’re putting into your brand doesn’t really matter.

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